ARM Servers for oracle

i have a another question…

will this work on ARM server on oracle cloud?
as well will u ever release in ubuntu 20.04? as deb is not as easy to upload on some cloud base like oracle free tier…

Nope yunohost is a distro built on top of debian, it’s not planned to create an ubuntu version.

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ah okay, as oracle does not even support deb still, which is mess up in my option… :roll_eyes:
and AWS is okay, but there free tier is 1cpu and 1 gb ram which does not get u by on this type of services… is the ubuntu build on deb tho?

Ubunutu is based on debian but, YunoHost and ubuntu are not compatible for several reasons. For example ubuntu add a lot of packages so dependencies could have different number, or network/firewall management could be different, etc.

ah i got ya, well what about centos 7 or oracle 7/8 ? yum -?

sorry for asking to much questions… if not maybe i can help? as lot of servers dont come with deb on clouds as much unless u pay for the over price ones

Only Oracle is concerned by that , could you provide a list of other vps provider that doesn’t support debian ?

We don’t plan to support other distribution (cause it’s too complex), more info here: Frequently Asked Questions | Yunohost Documentation

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there was a few that you had to upload as it was not as common to use deb base now days as much as ubuntu from what i was told , like when i use to host servers off my dell/hp my clients would had to upload there own ISO file or use .img file to use “URL” base…

i mean now days yes but oracle is the first i know…
but then again AWS as deb base but, its not full base due to they using min 10 base
now not saying all servers are like that… but only in free tier its kinda hard to get pass it, also cloudatcost is the same way, they using deb 9, but they wont upgrade to deb 10 due to they stopped it… and removing cenots 7,8 soon to replace it with something else… so far its ubuntu and windows soon for them…

if you need support or help let me know… as i was IT back in 2006-2019

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