Are Code Reviews Suggested For Changes To Packages?

Hi all, I was wondering, if I make a pull request to a ynh package I am maintaining, is it expected to find someone to code review it?

or if it passes the tests should I just merge it in?

It is up to you, you can ping members of the YunoHost-Apps group or any willing contributor if you want to have a second opinion on your code. The whole point of the group is to have recurrent and reliable people to help packagers. :slight_smile:

If you are confident enough in what your committed and that the tests pass, you can also merge it yourself. :wink:

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@tituspijean cool good to know!

This particular time, I feel confident in the code changes, but would be curious if someone has an opinion on the changes to systemd permissions, if someone seeing this can take a look Add support for chromium-based archivebox snapshots by mhfowler · Pull Request #6 · YunoHost-Apps/archivebox_ynh · GitHub