Archivist Not backing up Newly Added Apps

I have Archivist working as my nightly backup.

However, I recently added the Seafile app to my Yunohost server (RaspberryPi in my basement.) Archivist is not backing up the Seafile apps (see screenshot.)

How do I add new apps to the Archivist backups?

Many thanks!


You can find the config file Backup_list.conf in /home/
Here, you’ll find a section YUNOHOST BACKUPS with lines for each apps.

Soon, this commit will allow archivist to automatically add news apps to its backup.
For the moment, this feature is only in YunoHost unstable and Archivist doesn’t implement it yet.

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Perfect. I found the Backup_list.conf file here: /opt/yunohost/archivist is the only difference from your advice.


Further question (big noob question probably … lol.)

How to I tell if this backup is even there when looking at the files? I use Putty to see what is going on at my server and this is the output:


How do I see if there are actually backups in the backup_list file?

Further to that, I’m getting this email everyday:

Any ideas what this means? How do I fix so I don’t get these emails everyday?

Thanks again!

Sorry, for the path, my bad, a missed my copy/paste.

Oh… When I see the content of this mail, and the 2 directories, “$RECYCLE.BIN” and “System Volume Information”. I’m pretty sure this USB device is formated in FAT32. Which is an old Windows filesystem…
And, here the problem is that Archivist can’t managed correctly the filesystem because some actions aren’t supported on FAT32.

So, it’s been a long time I didn’t used that kind of thing… But, I think it could be 2 solutions:

  • Either you format this USB device in ext2 if it’s a USB key, or ext4 if it’s a hard drive.
  • Or you don’t use that device as your main backup. That means you keep your backup in your raspi, and you use this device as second backup with the “BACKUPS RECIPIENTS” section of the config file.

And about the mail. That’s true that I didn’t think about the possibility to not receive this email. Which is going to be send every day…
If it’s a problem for you, I can explain to you how to get rid of this email.

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OK … I think I have it running well now. This is my output from a backup that ran a couple of mins ago. (I had forgotten to set my local time, so it was running 9pm local instead of 2am UTC. lol.)

Does that all look right?

Final question … how do I restore from this backup? I have cloned my SD card and so I have a duplicate SD install that I can play with (and not worry about breaking anything …) and would like to do a restore function, but I’m not sure what to do.


Your backup seems to be ok now.

To restore an app, or the core backup you have to copy the backup to restore in the directory /home/yunohost.backup/archives/
Then to use the backup commands:

sudo yunohost backup restore --ignore-system backup_name --apps app_name
sudo yunohost backup restore --ignore-apps ynh_core_backup

Thank you.

So I would move the whole ynh_backup to /home/yunohost.backup/archives/ … or do I have to move individual files?



I just want to make sure I get this right … trying to not break my server now. lol.

Unfortunately, for now, the restore command is a little bit susceptible, the command wants to have the backup in its directory.
So you can move all the backup file in it, or only the backup you want to restore. But you can’t put a subdirectory in /home/yunohost.backup/archives/ (as far as I now…)

If you can try it with your other SD card, do not hesitate to try with the whole subdirectory. It could be really interesting to now if it works.

Will do. Thanks.