Archive - With OCR

Hello !

I’m looking for an app to archive my personnal documents (if it’s possible, with OCR). Is there anything in Yuno host ? I don’t think so… Not only a cloud but sort of GED

Thanks !
Paul T.

Someone started a Yunhost package for paperless but its not usable right now.

In addition (if you use nextcloud) there is a nextcloud app

If you find something workable I’m also looking for something similar :slight_smile:

perhaps that is youre looking for

I think that suggestion does not fit. Documize is a knowleadgebase tool and I am (and hopefully @mamoche86 ) looking for an app which can handle pictures and pdfs and supports im adddition optical character recognition.

perhaps you have to look a bit deeper about documize :wink:

Would you mind enlightening me?

Beside that I can upload a file to a pagr (thats not document management) I can’t find anything about OCR …

you’re right, no ocr