Apps that need/don't need own subdomain

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After trying out if i can manage to get my domain hoster (allinkl) working together with my vserver I want to install some more software.

As for every subdomain i have to enter 3 new dns entries i would like to avoid using subdomains for every single app.

So my question - to which i couldn’t find an answer myself so far: can the app list somehow be filtered to see which one can be used without needing their own subdomain ( , yunohost,org/app2 etc.) and which ones need their own subdomain ( ?
Or is there another way, list or something that shows which apps needs what?

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I have no direct solution for you, but YunoHost use this library to automatically configure DNS when there is an API : GitHub - AnalogJ/lexicon: Manipulate DNS records on various DNS providers in a standardized way.
So one solution could be to see if allinkl have an API.
If yes : ask lexicon to add it
If no : ask them to implement one, and then ask lexicon to add it

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( , yunohost,org/app2 etc.)

Don’t do that, it’s less secure.

Web browsers firewall sites by origin, so if every application is running on a different domain, a security flaw in one application will not necessarily allow exploitation of all of the other applications.

If you run multiple applications on a single domain, then there’s no sandboxing between them, and therefore, say, an XSS vulnerability in your file sharing application might allow exfiltrating your forum’s passwords.

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