Apps not in the catalog?

Hello Im excited to try out YunoHost but what is the strategy for using apps not in the catalog?

Hello, welcome.

Two reasons come to my mind (rather than strategies):

  1. The catalog only contains open-source software (and generally FOSS, sometimes FOSS with restrictions). If someone wants to package a proprietary app, users will need to input the package git URL in the field below the catalog in their webadmin.

  2. Development and tests : YunoHost’s catalog installs app from one git branch only (generally master). If you want to test out another branch, you will need to paste the URL in said field.

Enjoy YunoHost!

if you are familiar with docker you can also run apps like that

  • setup a domain in yunohost
  • setup docker app
  • install the redirect app and point it at your docker app/port

i run Immich like this.