Apps not available for guests

My YunoHost server

Hardware: VPS bought online
YunoHost version: x.x.x
I have access to my server : Through SSH & through the webadmin

For entire diagnosis info, click here.
    "host": "Debian 9.9",
    "kernel": "4.14.95",
    "packages": {
        "yunohost": {
            "repo": "stable",
            "version": ""
        "yunohost-admin": {
            "repo": "stable",
            "version": "3.6.4"
        "moulinette": {
            "repo": "stable",
            "version": ""
        "ssowat": {
            "repo": "stable",
            "version": "3.6.4"
    "backports": [],
    "system": {
        "disks": {
            "xvda1": "Mounted on /, 40.0GiB (19.2GiB free)"
        "memory": {
            "ram": "2.0GiB (573.8MiB free)",
            "swap": "0B (0B free)"
    "nginx": [
        "nginx: the configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf syntax is ok",
        "nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test is successful"
    "services": {
        "glances": "running (enabled)",
        "etherpad_mypads": "running (enabled)",
        "nslcd": "running (enabled)",
        "postgresql": "exited (enabled)",
        "metronome": "running (enabled)",
        "slapd": "running (enabled)",
        "postfix": "exited (enabled)",
        "mongodb": "running (enabled)",
        "wekan": "running (enabled)",
        "mysql": "running (enabled)",
        "nginx": "running (enabled)",
        "php7.0-fpm": "running (enabled)",
        "dnsmasq": "running (enabled)",
        "fail2ban": "running (enabled)",
        "yunohost-firewall": "exited (enabled)",
        "rspamd": "running (enabled)",
        "avahi-daemon": "running (enabled)",
        "dovecot": "running (enabled)",
        "redis-server": "running (enabled)",
        "yunohost-api": "running (enabled)",
        "ssh": "running (enabled)"
    "applications": {
        "etherpad_mypads": "Etherpad Mypads",
        "wekan": "Wekan",
        "nextcloud": "Cloud"
    "security": {
        "CVE-2017-5754": {
            "name": "meltdown",
            "vulnerable": false

Description of my issue

My Etherpad and Wekan apps are not avalaible to guests. You need to login to YNH in order to be able to see and use them.

In the admin panel I have set access to all my apps to Everyone has Access.
All apps live on their own subdomain.
All apps have a valid Let’s Encrypt Cert.

Nextcloud can be reached by guests, WeKan and Etherpad not.

What can I do?

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Usually, you have to choose this at install, to say if it is a “public” instance.
For some apps (like NextCloud) it is different, the app requires a login, but public links can be created.

The Access page have no impacts on this, it is the page that says which accounts are linked to the app.

So you can have a public app, but only selected users can log-in (and some with an account in your instance will not be able to log-in if you rejected them).

I am not sure there is a way to put an app public after installation (you may try to search this in the doc), and I don’t know Wekan so I don’t know how it handle this.

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oh shoot… that would be annoying if I can’t change that afterwards…
Also, I must say; it is a little vague…

I think you can try this :

yunohost app setting wekan unprotected_uris -v '/'
yunohost app ssowatconf

and that should make wekan public

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