App Wishlist - Simple-login

It would be really cool if we can get Simple-Login added as an app to Yunohost.

Simple-login allows you to easily define new email aliases to use. Instead of giving your primary email address to each new service you sign up for, you can make a new email alias to give them. This increases your privacy and security by making it more difficult to cross-match your identity/traffic on one service to your identity/traffic on another service.

Is anyone else interested in this? Here’s their project: GitHub - simple-login/app: The SimpleLogin back-end

For my purposes, I host my Yunohost instance at home, so I’d need to use AWS SES as an email proxy to support these aliases. I tried to make that work in the past, but I was unsuccessful. Has anyone else done this? Does this seem possible?

Also, I haven’t made a package for a Yunohost app yet, so that’s another point of difficulty for me.

You are welcome to add the app to the wishlist: Apps wishlist | Yunohost Documentation

However, it requires Docker (could be worked around) but also massive alteration of the Postfix configuration, which will most likely break YunoHost’s config.

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There’s also GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/emailpoubelle_ynh: Générer des emails jetables dans YunoHost which may fulfil a similar purpose (though there’s also a warning that this will break Yunohost LDAP aliases)