[App Request] Peppermint


I’ve recently been looking for a ticket system so that I can organise my time more effectively.

I came across Peppermint through a few YouTube videos and it seems a really good platform, far better than others on YunoHost.

The positives to Peppermint:

  • Ticket Creation: Bog standard ticket creation with a markdown editor and file uploads
  • A log of client history
  • Markdown based Notebook with to do lists
  • Responsive: Designed for variable screen sizes from mobile up to 4k
  • Customisable
  • Multi-deployment: Quickly deploy using docker & pm2
  • Simple to Use: Designed to be easy to use with a simple logical workflow
  • In my research it looks much better that OsTicket (the only other offering on YunoHost)

Here is the installation guide if anyone is able to help: https://docs.peppermint.sh/

Thank you. :slight_smile: