[app request] Overseerr - Indexerr+Request integration for Plex

Hello friends, I apologize that my first post is one that’s asking for something instead of giving back for all of the amazing things I’ve been able to accomplish for my little gaming community because of YNH.

But I am asking for someone to take a look at potentially adding Overseerr as a supported app. It’s an absolutely stunning and simple to configure front end for your Plex shares to be able to log into and not only request shows and films to be forwarded along to Sonarr and Radarr to grab, but also shows what has already been requested, and sends out entirely configurable notifications about what becomes available and when a request has been filled and is available for viewing.

Thank you for any consideration, I can’t even begin to describe how great it would be having it tie my Sonarr and Radarr together all under YNH.

Looks like a nicely made app indeed !

Unfortunately I wouldn’t have any use for it, and I really don’t have any time right now (and I’m still a very beginner packager). However, I had a quick look :

  1. The software is meant to be installed with Docker or Docker compose, which is usually not a very good sign (as Yunohost is not recommending using docker for app installation).
  2. However it looks like a nodejs based app, and you can always have a Yunohost install script performing the steps as described in the dockerfile

This is exactly the same case as for my first app, for wich I managed to get rid of docker and start a clean Yunohost setup (with the big help of professionals out there :slight_smile: , and still needs a lot of polish of course). You can also look at the Peertube app, which I used as a reference of nodejs 14 based app installation when I did my first trials packaging Outline.

If you have a minimum of technical knowledge, starting packaging is surprisingly easy and you may get a lot of help here when starting building something ! Good luck !