[App Request] Kavita


I’ve recently got several ebooks (humble bundle) and wanted to sync them with Yunohost, but I have found Konga app already packaged (that handles comics and manga but not full ebooks with OPDS-PS but found Kavita to be up and coming with more file support)

In doing some research, I came across Kavita which looks promising! Would an app packager be tempted? :innocent:

The positives to this ebook server:

  • Serve up Manga/Webtoons/Comics (cbr, cbz, zip/rar, 7zip, raw images) and Books (epub, pdf)
  • First class responsive readers that work great on any device (phone, tablet, desktop)
  • Dark mode and customizable theming support
  • Metadata should allow for collections, want to read integration from 3rd party services, genres.
  • Ability to manage users, access, and ratings
  • Fully Accessible with active accessibility audits
  • Dedicated webtoon reading mode
  • Active development
  • Feature request (https://feats.kavitareader.com/)

The negatives:

  • No LDAP or SSO or OpenID support, wouldn’t intergate with Yunohost user management.
  • Very similar to Komga
  • Not as rebust and have tbe features of Calibre-web like Kobo reader support

Here are installation guide Kavita

Thanks !

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Here we go:

I tested quickly with Firefox but had some connection problems (doesn’t work)
Successfully logged using Opera…


Thank you @ericg ! It works great (with Opera also, not Firefox).
It is much faster than calibre_web, and the online reader works great: it helps to switch between devices smoothly :smile:
Now, I still have to check about tagging the comics.

Thank again for such reactivity :bowing_man:

Thank you for pushing this,

Sorry for not thanking you sooner, I’ve been looking into the connection issues with the login and noticed that I’m able to connect/login on any browser if I log out of yunohost sso.

It seems that it doesnt like the SSOwAuthUser cookie. But cant find any log to see why.

Hey to anyone interested,

I’ve made some changes to Kavita installation, this includes:

-Updating from 0.6.1 to 0.7.1 (I haven’t tested native upgrade)
-Changed some permissions in SSO, this fixes the application not opening unless you sign out of yunohost first.

The GitHub folk is GitHub - skyuk3000/kavita_ynh: Kavita package for YunoHost

I’m still working on trying to get base url to work but not getting any luck. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.


I’ve made some changes to Kavita installation, this includes:

  • Updating from 0.7.1 to 0.7.2
  • Base URL and multi-instance are working

github folk - skyuk3000/kavita_ynh: Kavita package for YunoHost (github.com)

As always use at your own risk.

@Skyuk3000 why not submit a PR to the YunoHost app repo?

Sorry, just submitted a push request.

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hello i try to install kavita on yunohost but impossible with this paste
what can i do or is it still in devlopment?

Try installing the latest version from the GitHub, it seems that you are trying to install 0.7.1 deb

no that is the same from github kavita failed install from github

I’ve found the error and have push a request with the fix.

Please provide the admins with some time to check and approve the changes.

hello i’ve tried to install kavita but it always doesn’t work
did the admins check and approve your changes ?
thanks for all

Fix merged. Kavita should be working now

i’m sorry but install still https://paste.yunohost.org/raw/wigimejahodoesn’t work

I can’t reproduce the issue. I have tested in domain and subfolder without problem.

i’m sorry i can’t install via webadmin nor ssh (sudo yunohost app install GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/kavita_ynh: Kavita package for YunoHost)
always same messages : https://paste.yunohost.org/raw/sanavodedu

i have firefox but i try under google chrome (https://cocofil.nohost.me/yunohost/admin/
and then opera (https://paste.yunohost.org/raw/idarexeqos
always the same