[App Request] Kavita


I’ve recently got several ebooks (humble bundle) and wanted to sync them with Yunohost, but I have found Konga app already packaged (that handles comics and manga but not full ebooks with OPDS-PS but found Kavita to be up and coming with more file support)

In doing some research, I came across Kavita which looks promising! Would an app packager be tempted? :innocent:

The positives to this ebook server:

  • Serve up Manga/Webtoons/Comics (cbr, cbz, zip/rar, 7zip, raw images) and Books (epub, pdf)
  • First class responsive readers that work great on any device (phone, tablet, desktop)
  • Dark mode and customizable theming support
  • Metadata should allow for collections, want to read integration from 3rd party services, genres.
  • Ability to manage users, access, and ratings
  • Fully Accessible with active accessibility audits
  • Dedicated webtoon reading mode
  • Active development
  • Feature request (https://feats.kavitareader.com/)

The negatives:

  • No LDAP or SSO or OpenID support, wouldn’t intergate with Yunohost user management.
  • Very similar to Komga
  • Not as rebust and have tbe features of Calibre-web like Kobo reader support

Here are installation guide Kavita

Thanks !

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Here we go:

I tested quickly with Firefox but had some connection problems (doesn’t work)
Successfully logged using Opera…

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Thank you @ericg ! It works great (with Opera also, not Firefox).
It is much faster than calibre_web, and the online reader works great: it helps to switch between devices smoothly :smile:
Now, I still have to check about tagging the comics.

Thank again for such reactivity :bowing_man: