[app request] joplin server

im really into trying different “notes” apps lately and i saw we have the possibility to install turtl server, which is sadly on hiatus though.

on the other hand, joplin has created their own self-hostable server and it would be cool to have it as an option on ynh!


I think joplin works with nextcloud and seafile

it does support nextcloud, but im kind of trying not to use it because im not a big fun.

while seafile keeps breaking down so it’s not very reliable.


Installation of the master branch via webadmin failed

Vps 2G/20G yunohost 11.2.8

I have add no problem so far installing Joplin on my system :thinking: (VPS 8G RAM yunohost 11.2.8)

Here is the error

- ➤ YN0000: ┌ Link step
2023-12-09 21:13:45,743: DEBUG - ➤ YN0001: │ Error: While persisting /var/www/joplin/.yarn/cache/mkdirp-npm-1.0.4-37f6ef56b9-a96865108c.zip/node_modules/mkdirp/ -> /var/www/joplin/packages/turndown/node_modules/mkdirp ENOENT: no such file or directory, mkdir '/var/www/joplin/packages/turndown/node_modules/mkdirp/lib'

It looks like it’s about a missing directory.

Here is my app list

sudo yunohost app list | grep id
    id: collabora
    id: dokuwiki
    id: grav
    id: grav__2
    id: lychee
    id: mattermost
    id: nextcloud
    id: nocodb
    id: paheko
    id: phpsysinfo
    id: roundcube
    id: spftoolbox
    id: wallabag2
    id: webmin

It’s a missing directory in joplin install, perhaps you’re out of disk space? I just tried install and it worked on my end no problem.