[app request?] GNU Jami / JAMS (messaging, audio, video and conference solution)

I am wondering why I haven’t found GNU Jami messenging and conferencing (developed by savoirfairelinux) even mentioned in the forum.
It has clients for all major platforms.

Even has an LDAP capable organizational client configuration management-server package, see: https://jami.biz/jams-user-guide
Looks like this is a solution that is precisely made for self-hosting.


Jami is mostly peer-to-peer (“Swarms” are coming also) so using our yunohost server “coturn” for peer discovery and notification could be doable. It’s beyond my skills though, but Jami is a great app/service that in my experience lacked good notification in systems without google services.

Once connection was made it works superb for both video and chat.

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People seem to use Galene. Coturn/stun doesn’t seem to work ‘out of the box’ (Nextcloud and XMPP)

I have given up on this feature for now and just use Signal app for 1-to-1 video chat. Signal can now do 8 person group chat as well.

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