[App request] FitTrackee - Strava alternative

Hello to all,
In my quest to self-host as many apps as possible, I found FitTrackee.
FitTrackee is a self-hosted alternative to Strava (social network for sharing sports activities). The maintainer is busy designing the social part of this app, and plans to use ActivityPub.
I would love to install this application, but don’t have the means to package it for Yunohost. I’ve tried, but I still don’t understand shell enough…
If someone could take care of this I would be grateful.
Thanks! :smiley:

Bonjour à tous,
Dans ma quête pour auto-héberger un maximum d’apps, j’ai trouvé FitTrackee.
FitTrackee est une alternative auto-hébergée à Strava (réseau social de partage d’activité sportive). Le mainteneur est occupé à concevoir la partie sociale de cette application, et prévoit d’utiliser ActivityPub.
Je serais enchanté d’installer cette application, mais n’ai pas les moyens pour la packager pour Yunohost. J’ai essayé, mais je ne comprends pas encore assez shell…
Si quelqu’un pouvait s’en occuper je lui en serais reconnaissant.
Merci ! :smiley:


Salut !

Il y a aussi ça :





Bon sport !

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And if you already use Nextcloud, there is this Nextcloud app :

Ooh thanks for these alternatives !
But I’m looking for something that I can easily share and accessible from everywhere.

Phonetrack is great indeed, I’ve used it, but it’s not made for sport. In FitTrackee there is a better UI to understand and analyse your activities.

I’ve also found velo, another Strava alternative written in go, but which seems to be less far along at the moment (no release is tagged).

If you’re just looking for a GPS tracker i use ulogger self hosted server and android client, it works great ! Very lightweight too.

Thanks Aristid !
But doesn’t µlogger fit the same purpose as Nextcloud Phonetrack ? As it also a sport mode to analyse your activities ? :innocent:

Nextcloud phonetrack was way too complicated for my personnal use : multiple users and devices per account, heavy UI… Ulogger is as simple as a GPS logger and track displayer can be. No sports mode but you can display distance, max speed, altitude…

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Thank you for your detailed answer.
But I will stay on the offline alternative until something like FitTrackee is ported to Yunohost.

Thank you all for your answers :smiley:

Just for reference, I’ve asked on Github too, who knows :innocent:

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It’s NOT a “strava alternative”, as it lacks the strava’s “social” component (its success reason)

but it could in the future if it gets fediverse (activitypub) support :smile: (just dreaming, not in the roadmap IFAIK).

It would be nice to have such an app in our YNHs

thank you


It’s on the roadmap, see Add social features · Issue #16 · SamR1/FitTrackee · GitHub and the add-social-features branch which is actively worked on :smile:

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I won’t get time to package this anytime soon (too many half-finished packages to work on :stuck_out_tongue: ), but looking into the Makefile

Looks like there are two parts to the project:

  • The UI (needs to be compiled using npm)
  • Server/CLI (written in Python and managed via Poetry)

It also seems to rely on a postgresql database which should be easy as well.

But, I am a bit confused about the serve command. It appears that it should (?) be broken into two systemd services, one for the UI and one for the python server.

	$(MAKE) P="serve-client serve-python" make-p

	cd fittrackee_client && PORT=3000 $(NPM) serve

	echo 'Running on http://$(HOST):$(PORT)'
	$(FLASK) run --with-threads -h $(HOST) -p $(PORT)

thank you @navanchauhan for your efforts :smiley: I hope you find time and motivation anytime soon to port FitTrackee to YunoHost :innocent:

on a side note version 0.7.14 has been released

Hehe, I found some times these days to retry the packaging… and here you are : GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/fittrackee_ynh: Fittrackee package for Yunohost 🚴 :partying_face:

It still has to be analyzed by the CI and still needs some cleaning, but for me it works like a charm!

And it installs the latest version 0.7.14.

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:smiley_cat: thank you!

Sympa. Vivement le jour où on pourra connecter cette application à intervals.icu !
Pour avoir toutes les stats possibles et imaginables.


Test Badge


that’s great! :smiley:

It’s marked as broken though in the available app list in my system (latest stable), should we wait untill passes further tests? thank you.

I will defenitly install it :+1: but my system is in production for some people so I don’t want to brake it (if possible).

thank you!!

Oh yes, the warning message is scary. I’m gonna wait until it’s officially approved.

Indeed I was not clear. We have to wait for Update app levels according to CI results by yunohost-bot · Pull Request #1652 · YunoHost/apps · GitHub to be merged.

So it will be in good state in a few days :slight_smile: