[App request] Audiobookshelf


I’ve recently got several audiobooks and wanted to sync them with Yunohost, but I haven’t found any good app already packaged (that handles audiobooks well and has an Android app to ensure good sync progress in the book).

In doing some research, I came across Audiobookshelf which looks promising! Would an app packager be tempted? :innocent:
Here are the installations docs : Audiobookshelf

Thanks !


I might give it a try over the weekend. The installation looks simple: Recommendation dev environment · Discussion #259 · advplyr/audiobookshelf · GitHub

Although, this app lacks LDAP support so there wouldn’t be any way to sync YunoHost users.


Oooh thank you Navan, looking forward :star_struck:

I think there is still a way : using YunoHost hooks to create/delete the users in an app when they are creased/deleted in YunoHost.

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Got it to work and I have started working on it here: GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/audiobookshelf_ynh: Audiobookshelf package for YunoHost I’ll create a post when I am satisfied with the package.

@Maime I don’t have much experience using those hooks, but they could be really useful


Waouh thank you for the great work so far :star_struck: