App & debian upgrade impossible error "untranslated key"

I recently migrate from one Kimufi server to another one.
Backup and restore worked (Synapse, Wallabag, Yourls,…), expect for Nextcloud. I had to uninstall then to restore again the backup for the app to work.
Only FreshRSS was unable to restore, but it’s not a big deal.

I am on Debian 9.5 and Yunohost 3.2.1.

Unfortunately, today I am not able to update&upgrade core and app.
When I try to update through the web interface, I get a “The operation ‘Upgrade debian packages’ has failed”
The log is at

I see a lot of

moulinette.core translate - untranslated key


'NoneType' object has no attribute 'whoami_s'

What should I do to be able to update&upgrade again ?

Thanks in advance for your advices !

I’ve the same problem when I want to update the Metronome package

My log :

Hi @mathdatech ,

I don’t know everything, but for metronome you can try to unmark it then upgrade it

apt-mark unhold metronome
apt-get upgrade metronome


Update and upgrade through command-line / SSH worked without error yesterday night.

Might this problem be only linked to web interface ?