Anyone using Netmaker (for creating a Wireguard overlay network)?

Hi all,

I came across a post on the selfhosted-reddit about Netmaker.

The server as well as the client part can be self-hosted. In their GUI you can define nodes in the network that will be connected by Wireguard to create an encrypted overlay network. Nodes can be defined as gateways into or out of that network; besides you can define multiple networks that may or may not be connected to each other.

It looks quite neat!

Is anyone already using it?

Side note, there is also discussion about Netbird or Headscale.

As for Netmaker, I have not tested it, but its license is a bit too overreaching to my taste. Server Side Public License - Wikipedia

I didn’t know about Netbird and Headscale; I guessed Headscale was a pun on Tailscale and after looking it up I was not disappointed :wink:

I didn’t know the SSP licence, but read it is an Affero GPLv3-based license, which is overreaching in the right direction in my opinion (as it opens more instead of less than GPLv2, especially important for hosted services)

At some comparison-site/blog I read that not all Wireguard-based systems provide kernelmode Wireguard, relying on usermode; giving Netmaker as an example of a system that does use kernelmode.

After reading a bit about Netbird: starting from zero it is a bit more cumbersome to install with STUN and TURN, but that is already integrated into Yunohost so would actually be of a benefit.

Netbird comes with a BSD-3-clause license; once they stop providing the server part and move to a SaaS-only model, someone has to take maintenance from there.

Interesting times!

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