Anyone have any recommendations about ways to easily automate backups to a separate server?

I obviously use archivist, but was thinking it might be good to also upload to cloud storage, just to follow the 3-2-2-1 policy in archiving! :slight_smile:

You can upload you backup on another server with Archivist.
Just need a ssh connection.

It can be done along with the local backup, and can also be uploaded on multiple servers.

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Good to know! I don’t think box or google drive come with an SSH connection, though I’ll explore it a bit more. Still teaching myself networking stuff.

As you can imagine, I didn’t even try to have dropbox or google drive working… Although you could send encrypted backup on those services.

I don’t know what’s available on those services, maybe a file system mount.

my system is kinda cludgey right now. Currently I have archivist back itself up into a nextcloud folder, which is synced with my windows desktop. Then synctoy moves that to box and then deletes the original file. I’m learning :slight_smile: