Any ideas how to get a message sent to Matrix when an email is received?

Hey all,
I have a couple of email inboxes managed by Yunohost and also Nextcloud and a Synapse server.

I’m trying to figure out how to put the pieces together so when I get an email it posts a message to Matrix.

I thought maybe a Flow in Nextcloud or a Matrix bot in Synapse might be able to do it, but I’ve had trouble finding anything so far. Postmoodle looks like it would do what I need, but it doesn’t seem to be packaged for Yunohost.

Any ideas?

node red can probably do this. I use it to process sms which arrive via a web api.

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Interesting idea. I haven’t used NodeRed for years (with HomeAssistant), but if it has inputs for an email account and an output for posting to Matrix, it just… might… work!

Thanks for the suggestion!

It can definitely handle the email side of things. Matrix nodes are available but not compatible with my version when I looked a while ago. If Matrix work can be done with http requests then you should be good to go. I use it to create Nextcloud Talk rooms and send auto replies with links to them when someone in my address book sends an SMS. It forwards SMS from unknown numbers to an XMPP acount. I’m thinking about treating incoming emails in a similar way.

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