And now, it's PGAdmin that doesn't want to install... -___-'

Hello it’s me again … -___-’

YNH up to date, server T110i with quad Xeon E3, 4 TB SSD, same as usual…

and now, I need PGAdmin… but it refuses to install. I’ve set the admin user, of course and all details.

here’s the log:

thanks !

WARNING - sqlite3.OperationalError: no such table: user

sounds like postgresql is in bad shape on your server

er… ok ?! I don’t really manage my postgresql… all the apps I’m using that need sql management are on mysql/maria …

I removed all unused apps… (some I was using sometimes ago, but not anymore)

I got:
nextcloud (using mysql, as far as I know)
Librebooking (via custom web app) (using mysql, as far as I know)
Moodle (via custom web app, because I’m using mysql)
Peertube (which might be using postgre ? I don’t know)
PetitesAnnonces (using mysql, as far as I know)
Rainloop (using mysql, as far as I know)
Shell in a box
PhpSysInfo (that uses no database, as far as I know)
NetData (that uses no database, as far as I know)
Phpmyadmin (mysql again)

When I say “as far as I know” it’s because I got a database with the name in mysql/phpmyadmin…

So, what should I do to put my postgresql back on track ? Cause one of the things I wanna do in th near future, is to migrate my “custom” moodle to “normal” YNH moodle (meaning migrating the db from mysql to postgre if I’m right ?)

Hmm sorry for the misleading statement, re-reading the log it looks more like pgadmin did not properly initialize the user table, rather than being a general postgresql issue … I don’t know much about the sql initialization of pgadmin to debug this tho x_x

ah ok.

no pb, no one is supposed to be omniscient…

but, in the meantime, who would be able to give some hint ? (:

I had a look at the log and I am confused that it says it’s configuring sqlite (the INFO line some thirty lines above the end), while sqlite is not mentioned as a package dependency. That might be a copy/paste error in installation instructions/comments.

The warning that leads to not installing also mentions sqlite3 though. Maybe the Python SQL library has a switch that can be set to SQLite, MariaDB and Postgres (for example), with a default for Postgres on the packager’s machine but SQLite as generic default.

If no one comes along who as actual insights, I’ll give installing it a try later on :wink:

Can you please manually install sqlite3 package, then retry the installation? It’s used internally by pgadmin for state management but somehow is not installed as a dependency (app needs some TLC…)

sudo apt install sqlite3

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Hi, could you try to install the testing branch, if you’re feeling lucky ? :smiley: