An idiots guide to automating Borg onto a USB drive

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So I’m very keen to have a good automated, incremental backup to an external USB drive. The documentation “is ok” if you know everything about what you are doing, but what about us that know a little or not enough?

I have a nice new shiny 2TB USB drive. I have manged to get it plugged in, recognized, and to be seen on boot up. So far so good. I see it as /media/storage.

I understand that I can use Borg with a provider by generating a set of keys on my server and using those keys to SSH into the provider and start an incremental backup, yes the first backup could take a while but after that, it’ll just be the changes.

I would like to do that to my new USB drive but I can’t find a full tutorial.

Do I need both the server and the backup app on the same machine to back up to a USB drive?

I tried it with just the backup app but the repository couldn’t be seen.

I think I have all the right bits to make it work but I’m not clear on the order or the detail, so if there is anyone out there that is using Borg to back up to a USB drive and would like to share a step by step guide then I’d be most grateful to you. (so would many others I bet)…

Many thanks and best wishes


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I would be interested in that kind of solution as well

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untill bullseyes upgrade I was using borg as my backup service.

It only requires borg app (server is no needed) when using to locally backup in a USB.

has borg write permission in the /mount/point/bakcup?

bullseyes broke something I could not figure out how to solve it, I can not even reinstall from scratch, so I’ve switched to restic. I was happy using borg though.

I have no step-by-step guide, sorry, I just followed instructions found in this forum.

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