Am I understanding CustomWebApp correctly?

Custom webapp is for installing things outside of the yunohost repo. ie a static html website.
If I wanted to install another html website I would need another custom webapp instance.
So in theory if I wanted to install Libretime to run a radio station I could install it in a custom webapp instance. Would I need to put php and mysql databases in that instance or would those remain outside of it?

I guess what Im saying is it a container with everything that instance needs goes inside it?

Custom web app support php7.0 and setup a mysql database if needed.
So if your app don’t need other dependencies it could work.

Note: there is no container in yunohost, all apps are installed side by side.


Ok. Thank you.
I was picturing it in my head as a container like a flatpak or snap app.
I was wrong as usual, lol.