Alternative to Evernote



J’utilise Evernote depuis des années (7ans).
Il y a t’il une application Yunohost qui pourrait remplacer Evernote?

=> Is there a Yunohost app as an alternative to Evernote.

I’m thinking native app, not an app within Nextcloud.


Are you using Evernote for their basic (free) services, or the premium or business plans?

Because I am not certain that you can avoid Nextcloud if you want the latter…

If else you might wanna look some apps like Encryptic, CodiMd, HedgeDoc etc.

I’m on Premium but I don’t use the premium features.
I started looking at Laverna and will look at the other you mentioned. Thanks!

Use git. There are opensource git YNH packages which are well maintained.

Ok thanks for the tip, I’ll have a look.

I use Trilium and find it a great evernote replacement:

J’utilise Joplin que je synchronise entre mes appareils via la fonction Webdav de Seafile.

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A new playwe as a yunohosr app is standardnotes (maybe including extensions in the neae future)