Ajax Google Apis


I just package an app that creates a mirror of Ajax Google Apis/

You can use it if like me you want to display correctly certains websites without be dependent of google.

Indeed, when you visit a website with this script google can technically know which website you have visited thanks to the HTTP REFERER header ! To avoid it you can configure your browser, but even in this case google know that you are connected.

So this apps is a new solution against these trackers.

I applauded the approach but I’m not sure to understand how this is supposed to work.

When you said:

After the installation on your server, you need to add this line in your /etc/hosts file:

IP_OF_YOUR_YUNOHOST_INSTANCE ajax.googleapis.com

I think it’s rather on the client side that we have to do this. Otherwise how my web browser is supposed to redirect ajax.googleapis.com to my yunohost mirror?

@tostaki, This is well in the host client file.

Caution: this doesn’t work if the site use a https url to ajax google apis. To fix this, i think you need to add exception in your browser.


have a look at Decentraleyes Firefox extension which does almost same thing but better.
Instead of going getting libraries from CDNs, it replaces them by local libraries stored in the extension.
It manage many more libraries than just Ajax.

Have fun :cat:

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