Advice for a chat app?

Hi all!

I have Yunohost installed on a Lime2 board from Olinux.

I would like to install a Rocket.Chat or Mattermost like solution on my server. However, Rocket.Chat is not packaged for Yunohost, and apparently Mattermost doesn’t run on ARM computers (and there’s the mysql-common version problem).

So I’m looking into an alternative solution.

Do you know any other app that would do the job? I installed MinChat, which works, but is a little bit too minimalistic (although kudos to the developer!). Jappix is also not a good solution, since the goal is to bring people over that are non geeks and will not want to get into XMPP.

If not a Yunohost packaged app, any idea on a good tutorial (accessible to relatively newbies) to install one of the above mentioned apps on Debian with nginx?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks a lot in advance for your feedback,


Hi,it seems that would work on arm.
I think it could be packaged for yunohost quite efficiently
Perhaps taking inspiration from

I could perhaps try to build a prototype but not until January. If you know bash you could try packaging it as well :slight_smile:

Édit: letschat looks nice too


Hi there,

Thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately at this point I have no experience at all the would allow me to do the packaging myself. I might try to immerge myself into the subject at some point though.

Regarding letschat, the github ( says it’s deprecated. Unless you know some other place where it’s been maintained recently?

Thanks again.



Any progress with packaging RocketChat for YNH?

If it is only for chat, then XMPP is really good option as it is natively installed in Yunohost.
You can use Jappix or Movim for webapp. And there are numerous desktop and mobile apps to connect to your XMPP account. I am using XMPP with “non geek people” without problems.

But if you want chat app with messages history, easy file sharing, 1:1 but also easy group chat, and even audio/video call, other options need to be looked at.

From my side, I have installed Matrix that provides all above services. It is really easy to use.
Rocket.Chat or Mattermost or Letschat create new silo of communication identity when Matrix (as well as XMPP, Email,…) is federated system where your own install / server can communicate with other servers.



I was on the serach for RocketChat 4 ynh myself and found this:


I started contributing via my fork:


I’m currently working on contributing to 1 and enlisting this Package here in the forum.

(Currently only tested on debian 8.8 x64)