Adminer (but better) or how to extract data from the dolibarr database

Hello there, i’m preparing the transition of my workplace to self hosted services and by doing so i’d like to optimize certain aspects of our workflow. What i am looking for may not exist, or i have not found it yet so i’m asking for advice here…

Context : We are using dolibarr for a lot of aspects of our business (production, billing, warehouse, accounting, etc.) but it has some limitations and its community is heavily relying on paid, clunky and generalistic plugins that do not suit my need.

What i’d like to do : send sql requests to extract some data from the dolibarr database. Ideally those requests would be a bit customisable, and the output would be a csv or such. I know dolibarr allows data exports that rely on sql requests but it is far too limitative.

Currently i’m using homebrewed sql requests (AI helped me a lot for those !) and Adminer which is self hostable or contained in a free dolibarr plugin. It works but it lacks in user friendliness and functionnality : as you cannot save requests for later use you have to copy and paste them, exports are sketchy, it’s a separate login, you can easily get lost… I personnally don’t mind, but i would like some easy going solution as i would not be the only user.

I thought about something like Grist that is available in yunohost, but i don’t know if it can access other databases the way adminer does… Someone has insight or some light to shed on that ?

I might do a french later version if it might help :slight_smile: