Admin password for ssh give password incorrect for webmin


After the latest update I had to add a username for the login page yunohost/admin, when I use the same credentials for ssh it returns:
Wrong password or username

When I try:
yunohost user update admin -p
returns Error: Unknown user: admin

yunohost tools rootpw
Info: root’s password was changed
but I still need to use the old password for ssh

so something is not correct, any idea where I should look further?

Did you read YunoHost’s release note for 11.1 ? x_x

Thanks for your attempt to help and yes I did read the release note but that did not really help, I also did search online extensively and that did not help so my last resort is this forum.

I also did update 2 other Yunohost without a problem, the admin user still exists and I can use the same credentials for ssh and login in on the webpage. Only this one is giving me the above mention problems.

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Can you check that all migrations ran with yunohost tools migrations run

Also what about the other “first user” on your system which is supposed to be an admins now …?

thanks again, that at least makes the error more clear, the migrations points to the right error:

ERROR - Migration 0026_new_admins_group did not complete, aborting. Error: Could not update the group ‘admins’: LDAP attribute ‘mail’ already exists with value ‘root@maindomain.tld’

now how can that be fixed?

Somehow you might have managed to define root@maindomain on some of your user, which is now meant to be handled by the admins group … So you should change/remove that mail address/alias and rerun the migration

perfect, I deleted that user and now the migration worked and I have access again.
Thanks very much, with a view pointers I was able to fix it.

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