Add user to single app (gitea) but not ynh

Per Gitea’s documentation and YunoHost’s documentation, you have several options.

Option 1: Create YunoHost users and assign permissions


  1. Create the users to would need access to Gitea
  2. In the permissions panel (blue button in the user list), create a new group for Gitea users (you may not use gitea as name since the app uses that name)
  3. Assign only the Gitea permission to that group
    You will get a warning during the previous step. To follow its advice:
  4. Remove all permissions in the “all users” group, and reassign them according to your needs (directly to users, or to a new group). You may need to keep have a look to that list whenever you add a new app.

I cannot guarantee the next two won’t clash with the LDAP authentication for YunoHost. Test at you own risk. As always, do backups.

Option A: Enable registration


  1. Edit Gitea’s config file with sudo nano /opt/gitea/app.ini
  2. In there: DISABLE_REGISTRATION = false
  3. Restart Gitea’s service via command line or the webadmin.

Option α: Manually add users


sudo su
cd /opt/gitea
sudo -u gitea gitea admin user create --name ...