Add Persian & Kurdish Language

Hi All…
Thanks for great and helpful system and nice community…
I am interested in translating the yunohost into Persian and Kurdish
I am in and available…
All the Best
Parviz Homayun


Thanks in your interest on translating Kurdish and Persian! your help will be very appreciated. This is where you can contribute to the translation:
Don’t hesitate to ask if you need assistance.


Hi Dear ericg,
Thank you so much, I am very happy to be in your friendly community,
I registered on your translation server in weblate, please define Persian and Kurdish languages for translation.


I have activated Persian so it should be now in the language list. You can start a Kurdish translation by clicking on any of the components, say Admin, on the bottom page, you should see a start new translation button, from there you can choose the Kurdish translation.


Thank you so much dear ericg,
I hope to be a worthy and useful person for your community.
Decentralizing the Internet is like light in the dark for dictatorial societies.
Your work is admirable and praiseworthy, And I appreciate your efforts, dear friends.


Hi dear ericg,
I hope you are happy and healthy with your loved ones …
I managed to translate 3 components 100% (admin & moulinette & SSOwat) into Persian.
Unfortunately the Core component is locked And it is not possible to translate it.
How long is the core component locked?


@parviz Thank you for your amazing work done at great speed. I am sure this will be beneficial to many users.
The core component, should be unlocker now.
If you are still interested in translating kurdish, You can add the language, or I can do it myself for you but I am confronted with two choises: North kurdish (kmr) or South Kurdish (sdh) and I don’t know which one to choose…

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@ericg Thank you very much for your generosity of kind words, It makes me proud and happy.

Yes and thank you, I received the notification and I am still translating it.

Of course, and eagerly after the Persian translation, I will start translating into Kurdish.
Last night I created the Central Kurdish language and translated a few words for example … it is now ready for translation!

But my dear friend,
Localization for right-to-left languages is not just translation …
The most important principle of localization is the synchronization of the calendar of life in a Local place.
Now in the Middle East we have several types of calendars in use,
For example: Jalali calendar, Hijri lunar calendar, Hijri solar calendar, Hebrew calendar, Aryan Kurdish calendar and much more…
I will need your help and that of other developer friends to localize and deploy the system properly…

All the Best
Parviz Homayun