Add other servers to Yuno Host Landing page?

I am very interested in giving Yuno Host a shot. However I don’t see any obvious way to add other servers to the main dash board. One of the more attractive ideas about Yuno Host is that I wanted to use it as a main hub for everything on my netowrk, such as my Synology, unRAID box, etc…is this possible?

Uh, that doesn’t really seem like what YunoHost is for …?

YunoHost’s job is to basically have a layer on top of your system to easily install apps, manage users, have a single sign-on and so on… It’s not about managing a fleet of servers or anything … Though IIRC there are some ideas about having a single dashboard to manage several YunoHost instance at the same time, but that’s really not about managing your Synology or Raid box …

You could use the redirect app to view your NAS admin webpage as an App?
However you will have to log in again unless your NAS can use the Yunohost LDAP.

You can also use the « Console » app to have a web-SSH access to your servers.

All in all I can’t think of any other ways. Yunohost cannot be really more than a kind of « centralised bookmark system » for your servers