Actual Budget App and GoCardless

Does anyone know, it it cost money to use the GoCardless API in Actual? Would be very useful to check your ban accounts online, but on the GoCardless Site the mention transaction fees, do they apply if I use GoCardless in Actual?


No idea, all I can give is an alternative : YunoHost app store | Kresus
This is an app made just for this : check your bank accounts, keep an archive, and be able to check things from closed bank accounts.

BUT, if the question is to know if it can manage GoCardless, then no, Kresus uses Woob to access bank accounts, and GoCardless is not in their list.

Thanks, I had a quick look at Woob, but it seems to support mostly french banks, I’m in Germany, so this will not solve my problem I think.

I think if you sign up as a dev, they might give you some free GoCardless use…

And it does sound to me like you’re trying to develop something wonderful for us all :wink:

Just don’t forget to publish your how-to guide afterwards! <3