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I searched for this subject here on the forum, but apparently no one with a similar problem had their issue resolved.

I installed a Custom Web App where I wanted to put my version of Memex, a simple boar for bookmarks. Locally it displays the information normally, but when I uploaded it on the server an error occurs. The browser console has a problem with the file format where the content is due to the http header ‘X-Content-Type-Options’. It turns out that I couldn’t find any way to disable, or create exceptions in that header.

Is this the right approach? How do I change http headers?

Thank you all =] !

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Online VPS
YunoHost/Yunohost-admin versions: / 4.0.4
Access to my server: SSH / Webadmin.
Special context/perform some particular tweaking: No.

The default nginx configuration in Yunohost indeed includes

more_set_headers "X-Content-Type-Options : nosniff";

as recommended by the Mozilla guidelines (which are pretty general but of course in specific cases and if you know what youre doing you can have different ones)

So I guess you want to tweak the nginx conf for my_webapp in /etc/nginx/conf.d/yourdomain.tld/my_webapp.conf, and copy-paste + tweak that “more_set_headers” line according to your needs.

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Thank you so much!

My heart was on the right place: to change the http header. But i didn’t know that each app has it own conf file with overwritable possibilities. The single path


make me realizes that. After this i reloaded nginx and started to work at the same time. Thank you!

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