Accessing apps from multiple domains/IPs

Hi there all! Have a new unique use case… I’m wanting to access my Jellyfin server from my phone. Somehow that turned into something being a lot harder than it should be. Since my domain is on Cloudflare, it’s (presumably) trying to proxy all the video data through it and is having a hell of a time trying to do it. On my PC, since I’m able to set a hosts file entry for all my domains & subdomains, streaming video from it works perfectly fine when setting it to my server’s local IP. But of course, with my unrooted phone, I don’t really have that luxury.

I’ve went through some options:

  • I already had Tailscale setup for other usecases. Tried to use that, but they don’t allow custom DNS overrides yet. It’s planned, apparently, but that’s not good enough right now.
  • The other Tailscale option: setting up some Split DNS wizardry with the dnsmasq server on the yunohost install. Surprisingly, this one was almost an option. I got it to work on my PC (WSL didn’t hate it at least, presumably I can get rid of the hosts entries there now) but my phone’s still having issues and I don’t want to permanently have a VPN connection up on my phone to watch an anime episode over my local network.
  • Editing nginx conf was a nogo. I can’t find where or how to disable the IP redirecting to admin - and adding Tailscale’s assigned subdomain for the machine to server_hosts results in yunohost just sending me to SSO with a “unmanaged domain” error.

I remember this being a topic some other times but no one has found a solution - hopefully that’s not the same outcome that will happen here.