Access subdomain on LAN


I have set up my server with each app using it’s own subdomain. I can access the server as I have a DNS exception on my router. In order to access the subdomains on my LAN using my laptop I have edited my /etc/hosts file and this works fine.

However, I cannot access some apps using other devices, e.g. mobile phone. In particular, I have navidrome installed on subdomain - navidrome.xxxx.domain.tld - and want to use a subsonic client. However, the subsonic client will not connect on my LAN. If the phone is on mobile data, the phone will connect, but it will not connect through my LAN wifi.

Is there something I can do to all my mobile phone to access through the LAN as I want to use an old phone as a bluetooth music player in my house.


did you try to add a line to your mobile’s hosts file (/system/etc/hosts) like navidrome.xxxx.domain.tld

where should be replaced by the local ip address of your YunoHost server.

Thanks. I did that and everything got sorted.

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