Access radicale web interface

hey dudes,

does anybody know if and how I can reach the radicale web interface? http://locahost:5232/radicale does not work, https:// and the same with /user/calendar.ics/ at the end also not, even with the port opened on my router not. Any ideas?

Kind regards


I’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing, but radicale have none web interface.
If you want to reach a specific calendar or something like that, try https://domain.tld/path/user/calendar.ics
More infos here

In fact, you can’t reach radicale by its port, because we use uwsgi to make a interface between radicale and nginx.

Thanks for explanation. I can create calendars and address books via browser as described in the link. Works very well. And doesn’t need a port :wink:
On the radicale website a web interface is named, so I thought in the beginning there must be something to manage it (e.g. rename or delete calendars).
So I use SSH to do such things.