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Hello everyone!
I have a raspberry pi 2 and sd card 8gb. That is absolutely not enough for me to store in owncloud. Then i try to use a usb to expand storage.
I have mounted this usb to /media/ . But i have no rights to upload or change anything. I tried to change permission of folder without successful.
Please suggest me to solve this.

I have the same problem. Additionally I don’t know what the username of my Pi is, so I can’t make this command work: sudo chown -R pi:pi /mnt/usbstorage

Is there anybody who can help?

Hi all,

my SD card is now full and I’d thus like to move the Owncloud data onto a USB-Stick.
I’ve got the USB-stick mounted and ready but am not sure if the general instructions out there for moving the owncloud data apply to my Yunohost raspi.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards from Germany

There’s a french tutorial about it

Basically translation

Nextcloud data are stored by default in /home/yunohost.app/nextcloud/data

To move the data to another folder, you need to change the /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php
line datadirectory, put the new path to a folder you want to store nextcloud files

chown -R nextcloud /the new path to your data

This path must be avilable at yunohost / server startup (add an entry in /etc/fstab if neeed).

Or another way is to make a symbolic link
mv /home/yunohost.app/nextcloud/data /my new path/
ln -s /home/yunohost.app/nextcloud/data /my new path/data
And data will be a symbolic link to the new storage.

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Thanks for the translation.

My French is well rusty having hardly used it for around 40 years :slight_smile: It’s probably also a help for others.
All works great now.
Thanks again.
Best regards

I have a 32 GB SD card as my main storage device. I also have a 1 TB HDD attached to my server. I tried to follow the directions in this tutorial, but I don’t know how to appropriately set the permissions for the folder on my HDD that I want to contain my Nextcloud data, so that it is accessible to Nextcloud.

The HDD automatically mounts at boot, so I know that is not the reason that Nextcloud cannot access my data when I either modify the PHP file or create a symbolic link.

Would you please help me to determine what chmod command I should use for the folder that I will move my Nextcloud data to?

try this as mentioned above :slight_smile:
chown -R nextcloud /the new path to your data

It’s very important that your hdd is formatted with a file system which can cope with symlinks, access rights… in Linux so I use ext4.

Good luck