A Yuno app to stream my own music outside?

Hi !

On my yunohost server, I am also running MPD to play my music at home.
I am wondering if there is an application that would allow me to stream that music also outside my home, over the web?


Yes you have few options.

  1. If you have Nextcloud installed, the best solution you have is Music app. It has ampache api built in support so that you can listen your music on android with an app. A very good article is here about it is here.
  2. There is Ampache server in the Yunohost official app.
  3. You have the Funkwhale which have ability to share music with other people having Funkwhale server.
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I tried the Nextcloud way.
I installed the Music app in Nextcloud.
I stored my flac files in the folder /home/yunohost.multimedia/share/Music/
Then, I followed the article you proposed: “Stream you music with Nextcloud Music and Power Ampache”.
It works perfectly.
Thanks a lot!

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Update: after a test out of my LAN (from my work office), actually, my home upload bandwidth does not seems enough to stream flac files.

Is there a way to configure Ampache so it re-encode flac to ogg, on the fly? (I prefer to keep the file in the flac format, as the server (at home) is connected to a DAC --> HIFI).

@aoz could you please give us a more detailed description of Hi-Fi your setup at home using YunoHost ?

Hardware setup: Cubox-i4Pro + HDD <----SPDIF cable----> DAC (Atoll 100) <-------> Audio Power Amplifier
Software: MPD+ flac files

Currently, the flac files are in a dedicated folder, but I plan to move them to “yunohost.multimedia/Music” if to be streamed with Nextcloud.

Does it answer your question?

Thanks for your answer. Looks like a neat setup !
Is Yunohost installed on the Cubox ? Did you install mpd on top of Yunohost ?

Actually, I bought the Cubox to run MPD and play music in my living room. On the Cubox I installed Debian, from Armbian, then MPD.

Months later, I installed yunohost and started self-hosting some services.

Intersting ! However I can’t see any mpd packages for YunoHost. I guess you just installed it on top of the debian base layer ? May I ask which MPD client are you using ?

You are right, I have just installed the regular Debian MPD package.

As MPD client, I’am using Cantata on desktop and M.A.L.P. on Android.

Thanks for your answers, I will have a look at MPD, “sounds” interesting.
About your original question, what about a cron script that would regularly check your flac files and encode the new ones to ogg files on another directory (with exactly the same subdirectories) ? It would use more disk space but you could still have your best quality flac at home with your Hi-Fi setup, and have Ampache streaming the ogg files when you are outside ?


I use Ampache with PowerAmpache on my smartphone on a RPI3B+ and it works like a charm.

I plug a external hard drive and ampache scans a folder in this drive to get the music.

Maybe i can tell that PowerAmpache miss some features compare to Subsonic application (like a widget) but i can live without that :slight_smile: