A Yuno app to stream my own music outside?


Hi !

On my yunohost server, I am also running mpd to play my music at home.
I am wondering if there is an application that would allow me to stream that music also outside my home, over the web?



Yes you have few options.

  1. If you have Nextcloud installed, the best solution you have is Music app. It has ampache api built in support so that you can listen your music on android with an app. A very good article is here about it is here.
  2. There is Ampache server in the Yunohost official app.
  3. You have the Funkwhale which have ability to share music with other people having Funkwhale server.


Thank you!

I am trying the Nextcloud way.
I installed the Music app.
I stored my flac files in the folder /home/yunohost.multimedia/share/Music/
But, when chosing ‘Shared multimedia/Music/’ in the setting of the Music app, none of my music file is found and a ‘No File’ message is displayed.
Even if I go back to “All the tracks” none is found.