A way to fund the development of yunohost

Hey yunohost users and developers,

i’ve been using yunohost for more than a year with great joy and when i stumbled across this blog post
i thought this would be something that could be useful for yunohost.

Its called BitHub and its a bitcoin wallet dedicated to the people who take part by developing yunohost.
Everyone who like to donate to the project but can’t help with coding is able to donate bitcoins.
What the program does:

  1. Accepts Bitcoin donations and allocates them into a single pool of funds.
  2. Distributes the Bitcoin donations from that pool to anyone who commits to our repositories.1

I’m not a hacker, but i am willing to pay for something (place here what you consume/need while doing wizard stuff with the yunohost code) to help yunohost’s developers…

What do you think?

I would love a way to fund YNH development but the thing is, I don’t think there is a legal entity behing YunoHost at the moment (e.g. an “Association Loi 1901”).
Without such entity, I don’t really see how it could reliably raise funding?

I’m willing to pay or to make a donation to Yunohost also !
It would be great that those of us that can’t help with code could give money to the developers !

It would be a great way to support development.

FYI, last time we’ve discussed funding of YunoHost, we decided that we didn’t want to bring money inside YunoHost (but this wasn’t a position on which we were all 100% ok with, but the majority was).

It might change in the futur, but for now we aren’t interested but we are totally ok with people making money using YunoHost (providing professional support, offering hosting, specific development etc…)

Thanks for the proposition :slight_smile:

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We have ever talked about donation on this ticket and on YunoHost-dev’s malling list.

I opened a Liberapay team for YunoHost and I was alone to receive money.
YunoHost team then decided to not receive money, so I closed this team

You will be able to send me money to first libre currency Ğ1 on my pubkey which will be launched soon.

Doesn’t the yunohost team need money for renting servers, or buying hardware? Liberapay could be perfect for that, I would be glad to donate as well.