A simple easy web-access Android app


I wanted a simple app to access YunoHost’s admin panel quickly when needed and so I could use it as a freeview window while using my browser for something else, so I went and created one myself. Just wanted to share it if anyone would be interested.

It’s pretty simple and is mostly a webview showing the admin panel to a configurable host. It does not give you any extra functionality or access inside YunoHost that you wouldn’t get from using a browser, it’s only meant for ease-of-use and the ability to open it alongside a browser.

It also has a button that will show your preferred domainname-provider to make adding domains easier.
Both your instance’s default domain and the URL to the domainname-provider are custom settings.

Known limitation:
It assumes the admin panel URL on your YunoHost instance is the default one. It will not work on instances where this changed.

I understand that apk-files are executables (and so should you), so I would not advice you to install them blindly from unknown sources. Hence I will not attach any apk here and rather link to the gitted source-code on github instead. Best practice is to review the code for any suspicious parts or behavior and then clone and compile it yourself, but if you’re too lazy and still just want an apk, there’s a recently built one in the ‘build’ folder using test-keys. Even though I am sure this apk is clean, it is still not adviced to install a precompiled one, do so at your own risk!

(I hope this was ok to share here, but if it wasn’t, feel free to delete.)

Greetings and wishing everyone a good week-end,
~ N.

looking forward to this development, even a PWA ability on the dash would be awesome