A list of questions

I’m curious of a bunch of different scenarios that I may need for my webhosting solutions with yunohost. I’m starting a webhosting business that will need packages for 3 - 5 page websites, along with cpannel style control options to where i can make packages to sell, along with app packages, and other sales tools ill need to help train a small team of commissioned based sales reps.

My questions are:

  1. How will things be handled with each webspace? Will it automatically come with lampstack? Do we have to set it up manually for each account?

  2. How do I access the newer packages and applications that yunohost has to offer? I have only 10 or so avaliable apps that are able to be installed.

  3. How do you make apps for yuno host. I’d like to make a few games from unity to host in yuno host.

  4. How would dedicated game servers as well as voip solutions work? I want to provide those services as well. Would they work in the webspace? would i have to create new users to allow people to ssh in?

  5. How would people ssh directly into there webspaces? I want a distribution to where i can have access to all of these basic infrastructure questions, and if possible, id like to contribute to yunohost.

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Note: yunohost is a solution for selfhosting it’s not a cpanel or other pannel to manage a webhosting business.

No LAMP, YunoHost use nginx. You can create a webspace to install a custom app, with the “Custom App”.

Currently, you need to enable communit list via “manage list” button" in webadmin > apps BUT this will no longer be needed cause the official and community list are merging in next versions.

See https://yunohost.org/#/packaging_apps_en

And https://yunohost.org/#/contributordoc

Some game are packaged, but a lot are not available in official or community list because it’s not free software.
About voip, if you search something like asterisk i don’t think it’s bpackage, but you have some apps with a video/audio conf support (nextcloud / mumble for example)

With “Custom webapp” a user is created with a password, you can access with sftp