A general question about Matrix (Synapse)

Hello all,

I have read that Matrix (Synapse) is said to consume an enormous amount of resources (RAM and CPU) even with just a few users. Compared to XMPP, it is said to be insane to run a Matrix server.
I was actually planning to set up a matrix server via Yunohost, but now I’m a bit confused. Are there any Synapse users here? What is your experience? What resources do you really need? Do you have any practical examples? That would be great!

Thanks and greetings

For a single user in my case it’s not huge. It’s significant for a single user (not connected to huge rooms, which are the main bottlenecks), like a few hundred MB of peak RAM and a few CPU % (like 10-20% peak usage on a 2 core basic VPS), but nothing “huge”.

I am running Synapse on Raspberry for 6 years. First on Pi 3 with 1Gb and now on Pi 4 with 4 Go. Synapse backup file size is 4 Gb. There are 5 users. Pi resources are enough.

I’m on an old celeron, with 4G of ram and a LOT of services, and Synapse (used by a few users, but connected on a lot of rooms, some really active) and it do not use more than 10% of a CPU and 3% of the RAM.

It’s the 3rd most heavy process on my server, the others are mysql (for NextCloud I think ? ) and Minetest.

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