A cool Single Board Computer to replace my RPi 2?


I’m thinking about finding a new SBC (or mini PC) to run YNH.
Today, my RPi limitations, cons :

  • not enough RAM (only 1Go…)
  • LAN is 100 Mbits…
  • may be SD card ? Not always sure it will live a long time… ?

Pros :

  • power consumption
  • a screen is not needed (only ssh possible)
  • cheap SBC (when I bought it some years ago…)

I see Orange Pi, Pine64, etc.
Why not with a SATA or else to plug a little SSD… 4Go RAM… No fan if possible. Not 500€, cheap is better, same for electric bill :wink:

Thx in advance for your ideas :slight_smile:

A RPI 4? or a RPI 5?

I bought a Zimaboard to use as a firewall and i’m very happy with it.

  • 2 x 1Gb lan
  • 64-bit CPU
  • 32G emmc
  • 2G/4G/8G ram
  • 2x SATA
  • 1x PCIe
  • fanless
  • TDP 6W

With the Zimaboard named, I’ve found another name Nano Pi…

On my side I opted for a Intel NUC micro-PC, essentially because at that time it was supposed to also act as a media center.
Now it is only a server.

Pros :

  • Can put a real hard drive inside
  • Can be a media center
  • Can use a SD card (but a real hard drive is better)

Cons :

  • May consume more power
  • May be bigger (depend on the boy of your board)
  • Most of them contains a fan

I am looking for :

to replace my 10 years old Intel Pentium T series (low power) mini-itx board server.

The Intel four E processors are using only 6W, there is no fan and plenty of I/O.

Does anybody tested this NUC as a YunoHost server ?

I’m seeing too Orange Pi, not so big prices…
Do some people using this ? If I’m not wrong, Debian can run on it…