404 when connecting to Onlyoffice from Nextcloud server hosted on Gandi - Healthcheck


I am trying to connect from Nextcloud 22 hosted at Gandi to my onlyoffice server located at https://subdomain.domain.tld/oo on ynh. No luck. I get the following message, and it doesn’t matter about the other options I check on the Nextcloud config screen.

I get an error:

Error when trying to connect (Client error: GET https://subdomain.domain.tld/oo/healthcheck resulted in a 404 Not Found response:

What’s the fix for this?

Hi gmk,

What happens if you visit https://subdomain.domain.tld/oo with your regular web browser ?

Hi. When I visit that URL in a browser it redirects to https://subdomain.domain.tld/oo/welcome


I think the problem is that :

  • 1- you should have a dedicated subdomain for OnlyOffice that is different from the Nextcloud domain / subdomain (example : office.mydomain.com)
  • 2- OnlyOffice should be selected as “the main app” of this subdomain.
  • 3- OnlyOffice should be the only app of this subdomain.
  • 4- When you install OnlyOffice, you should select the “this is a public app” option.

It’s explained in the readme : GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/onlyoffice_ynh: OnlyOffice package for YunoHost

Uninstall, follow the steps above, and kindly report here if it worked.

Have a nice day

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