[2048 clones] Clones of 2048 game apps

I have packages tree clones of 2048. Here is those links:

All of them works perfectly on test server. But the last one didn’t works on my Cubieboard.
Give me feedbaks :smile:


20euros and 243 works fine on my server (classic debian VPS);

But Cubiks2048 gave me a “403 Forrbidden” error.
In the nginx error log I have “directory index of “/var/www/cubiks2048//” is forbidden”, and my /var/www/cubiks2048 folder is empty.

On the repository https://github.com/M5oul/Cubiks-2048_ynh it seems that the sources folder is empty too. Did I miss something ?

Thanks for packaging these games !!

Thanks opi for those feedbacks.
I didn’t noticed that sources was empty.
Surely a problem with git. I’m still not a master of git :wink:

I added sources