2 small layout questions: color, logo

Using the script https://github.com/opi/redirect_ynh I could manage to “integrate” reverse proxy settings to my NAS, really great stuff :grin:
Installing some apps the user portal has now 6 tiles from which are 4 purple. Is there a easy way to change the tile colors.?
And while “forwarding” my NAS request via a subdomain there is always the logo icon down on the right hand side. How is it possible to suppress it or even delete it competeley?

  • By now, you can’t change the color of the tiles; You can try to change the name of the tile, as color is derivated from name string.

  • YNH button down right is added through a (dirty) javascript injection, that you can comment out on your nginx configuration. Find down the /etc/nginx/conf.d/DOMAIN.conf.d/redirect__x.conf and remove these lines: https://github.com/opi/redirect_ynh/blob/master/conf/nginx-proxy.conf#L10-L12