2 or more domains

I am completly new on yunohost as well I have no experience in linux.

I installed yunohost (v 4.0.8 ) on a RP3 successfully and can login in on the standard domain yunohost.xy.com/yunohost/admin/#/
My 2nd app is Homeassistant (v 1.1.0) which has the domain homeassistant.xy.com. I am running my own DNS server and I have set both entries listen to the IP of my RP3.

Unfortunately I can’t get access to the non standard domain homeassistant.xy.com getting error 404: Not Found.

Did I miss something in my configuration or …?

Thanks for any support

Hi @mame,

Did you have any errors while installing ? Did you indicate that second domain on install ?

Can you check in the services list if homeassistant is running ?

Hi @arthurlutz

thanks for your support.
I am not sure what I have done, maybe the restart after the update, but right now it is working as expected.

Cheers, mame

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