[Zerobin / PrivateBin] Minimalist online pastebin

So far the packages does not allow that, but that’s probably possible as we do such thing with many others apps.
First I would encourage you to open an issue on the repo for this app, that way, it could be done in a future update. (Even though that app is currently waiting for a new packager)

Unfortunately, authorizing only to read paste isn’t that easy.
I don’t know that app (as I don’t use it myself), but the thing is you have to identify what are the pages that have to be private and the format of the url for a paste.

(Actually having a look on the official demo…)
As far as I can see, there’s no other pages than the root of the app and the pastes.
And all pastes start with a ‘?’
I think you should try with the app public and add

sudo yunohost app setting zerobin protected_regex -v "domain.tld/path/$"

Which should protect only the root of the app.
And if it doesn’t work, try the opposite.
Keep the app private and add

sudo yunohost app setting zerobin unprotected_regex -v "domain.tld/path/\?.*$"

After any modification, you have to update your config with

sudo yunohost app ssowatconf

Also, in case you have ‘-’ in your domain name, replace them by a ‘.’ for the regex.

Sorry for my late reply (year end and procrastination…). I tried both.

Curiously, I couldn’t get the second option to work, but the first one (public but blocking root) seems to work just fine. So cherry-picking in your answer, here’s the working procedure:

sudo yunohost app setting zerobin protected_regex -v "domain.tld/path/$"
sudo yunohost app ssowatconf

Thanks very much!

I’ve made a pull request to update this package to 1.3.4 version :

How to launch test package ?

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Your PR has been merged in testing already.
But we gave up the official status in the meantime, so no one did the PR from testing to master :wink:

And as the app is no longer High quality (it was because of its official status) there’s no more automatic tests either.

Anyway, it was tested on your PR.

But globally, to test a package you can either rely to the ci-apps-dev or install your own local version of package check.

Should I to install the package check on a yunohost or on my local system ?
Or on my small VPS (4Go / 2 x Xeon Processor 2,1 Ghz, 20 GB free space disk) with yunohost ?

Better to have a dev environment, on which you can install package check.
My preference goes to VirtualBox https://yunohost.org/#/packaging_apps_virtualbox

J’ai installé une VM dans Virtualbox avec yunohost vierge avec un snapshot.
Comme je voudrais à terme pouvoir contribuer - tester des futurs paquets avec le process, je voudrais tester l’utilisation de package_check.
Par contre, ce n’est jamais clair sur le lieu de lancement des commandes et par qui ?
Je fais tout avec admin pour l’instant tant que je n’ai pas d’erreur…

J’ai cloné le dépot package_check et lancé le build :

git clone https://github.com/YunoHost/package_check

Tout s’est bien passé.
Ensuite j’ai créé un dossier et cloné mon dépot testing dedans et lancé le package_check :

mkdir zerobin 
git clone https://github.com/webafrancois/zerobin_ynh/tree/testing
~/package_check/package_check.sh zerobin_ynh

Et après de nombreux tests automatique, j’obtiens :

Package linter:                  SUCCESS
Installation:                    SUCCESS
Deleting:                        SUCCESS
Installation in a sub path:      SUCCESS
Deleting from a sub path:        SUCCESS
Installation on the root:        SUCCESS
Deleting from root:              SUCCESS
Upgrade:                         SUCCESS
Installation in private mode:    SUCCESS
Installation in public mode:     SUCCESS
Multi-instance installations:    SUCCESS
Malformed path:                  SUCCESS
Port already used:               Not evaluated.
Backup:                          SUCCESS
Restore:                         SUCCESS
Change URL:                      SUCCESS
Actions and config-panel:        Not evaluated.
grep: /home/admin/package_check/levels.json: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
Level of this application: 7 ()
	   Level 1: 1
	   Level 2: 1
	   Level 3: 1
	   Level 4: 1
	   Level 5: 1
	   Level 6: 1
	   Level 7: 1
	   Level 8: 0
	   Level 9: 0
	   Level 10: 0
You can find the complete log of these tests in /home/admin/package_check/Complete.log
Global working time for all tests: 15 minutes, 39 seconds.
Disable iptables rules.
Disable the network bridge.

Est-ce suffisant pour tester d’autres paquets ?

That’s because you can do it wherever you want, with any user you want.

The only limitation is that package check won’t accept to be used with another user that the one you used the first time.

The result you got looks perfect.
You can test any other package now.

Est-ce qu’il y a des préconisations sur la rédaction des pages de doc sur :


Un modèle comme pour le my_webapp_ynh ?

J’ai l’impression qu’il manque beaucoup de pages de doc pour les applis, non ?

Certaines se ressemblent :
mais pas toutes :

There’s globally not too many specific docs…

For this documentation, there’s isn’t any template so far.

C’est fait pour Zerobin. Je ne me lance pas pour l’anglais, pas assez compétent pour écrire quelque chose de correct.

J’en attaque d’autres…

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Plus je plonge dans la doc et plus j’en découvre.

En fait, il y a bien une page modèle :


et même un bon guide pratique https://yunohost.org/#/doc_writing_guide


Yep c’est le taf de @Plumf si je ne m’abuse :wink:

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Oh !!! I’ve never seen those pages !!!

Well, sounds nice !
But the second link… my eyes…:dizzy_face:

Oui, on se connait, on a bossé ensemble. C’est marrant de le retrouver là.

J’ai noté une trentaine d’applis qui n’ont pas de page de doc (en “fr” en tout cas), que je pourrais compléter/travailler.

J’ai déjà fait une PR et j’ai d’autres commits sous le coude en attente.


While having docs is nice, I’m afraid though that if there’s a doc here, not done by the packagers, they may never update it. Not knowing it even exist.

Tu penses que ce serait mieux si la doc de présentation était incluse dans le dépot app_ynh ?

Well, that’s what I do for my own apps.
(I mean the only one which have a doc, which is minidlna I think)

But actually if I did update it, it was probably only on the app.
And for sure I would have forgot that doc.

Especially that now, unless I’m mistaking, the docs for apps are not in the site map anymore.

Don’t know what would be the best solution…

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