Yunohost serves old certificate

Good time of the day!

One of my subdomains is delivering an old Let’s Encrypt certificate.
I was able to update the Let’s Encrypt certificate with the web console.
But every browser on every device gets an old Let’s Encrypt certificate from this subdomain.
It’s an Adgurad installation and automatically forwards to port 9443.

Other subdomains on this maindomain are working.
The domain itself is working too. There are no errors in the logs.

I already restarted the whole vps.
I tried to install a self signed certificate, but this domain still serves an old Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Every help is highly appreciated.

Well are you absolutely sure that nginx got restarted :neutral_face:

100% sure. Restarted the whole VPS at least 5 times.

It looks like the certificate is stored inside the app configuration. I don’t know why…
So it won’t update when I request a new one.
Don’t know what to do now.

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