Yunohost running behind a VPN server - Low bandwidth (100ko/sec) : Wrong settings?

Dear all,

Here is my config :
Hardware: Virtual box
YunoHost version: (stable)
I have access to my server : Through SSH and through the webadmin
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : Absolutely : My Yunohost is connected to an OpenVPN server that is runing on a VPS.

As described in this topic, my Yunohost server is manually (I run a command openvpn --config client-conf.ovpn as a service) connected to an OpenVPN server that is running on a VPS and I’ve got a DNS reg > VPS_IP_adress
I’d like to keep these settings.

When the Yunohost connects to the OpenVPN server, it gets a static IP adresse on tun0.
On the OpenVPN server, I’ve set NAT rules to forward all the traffic on ports 80 and 480 TCP and UDP to the Yunohost IP address.

Everything seemed to work pretty fine and I can access to my yunohost and all its great services from the internet.

But the thing is that all the network transfers are extremly slow.
Whenever I download anything from my yunohost, it’s hardely going above 100 ko/sec. (so it takes a while to load a 1Mb image for example).

I wanted to check if the bottleneck was the hadware so I installed a Yunohost on a VitualBox with a lot of RAM and CPU but this is not the problem.
And anyway, If I download something from yunohost being and the same local network, the transfer rate is about 10Mo/sec. So it’s definitely not an hardware lilitation.

The OpenVPN server is running on a VPS with a huge bandwidth.
The conexion where the Yunohost server is plugged is an ADSL with approx. 1.5Mb/sec up.

I have run some iperf tests :
Yunohost > OpenVPN server on the VPS and the result is about 1.4 Mb/sec.
Yunohost > (a public server on the internet to run some iperf tests) and the resulat is about 1.3Mb/sec.

I don’t really know where to dig, I’m a bit lost :thinking:

Any help on this would be very very very much welcome :partying_face:

Thanks again for this great tool that is Yunohost :pray: (I’m often lobbying and talking about it around me).

Have a great day

100ko/s (ko=kB) => 800kb/s

You have an ADSL with 1.5Mb/. Personally, i think it’s not completely crazy to think the VPN crypto reduce your transfer by half.

In more, in your setup you might have tested with a laptop on the same network as your server. So the laptop download the file and in the same time the server upload the file.

To get better perf, you may consider to use wireguard instead of openvpn.

Hi ljf and thanks for your kind answer,

So, as you suggested I tried Wireguard and the speed is roughly the same.
You must be right, the bottleneck is my internet connection…

After all, 100-150 ko/sec is not so bad.

I’ll test some other options and let you guys know what works or doesn’t.

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