Yunohost package with supervisord?

Has anyone used supervisord in a yunohost package?

I have two services that need to coordinate with each other (stopping and restarting each other). I have been using systemctl, but I’m now needing to update the package to also be compatible with docker which doesn’t play as nicely with systemd.

I’m thinking about using supervisord to run and restart the services. Is there any issue with doing this in yunohost? Or an example application package that already does this?

The standard way in yunohost is to use systemctl. We have done some security work with cgroup. In more, systemctl is binded to yunohost service commands, i don’t think we support supervisord service in it. So use supervisorctl means that it’s not possible to display and let webadmin user to interact with the services…

onlyoffice_ynh use supervisorctl but i don’t know if it’s done in a good way.

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